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Well what seemed like it took an eternity and a day to order,arrive and be delivered to the body shop and then prepped and painted was finally done a couple weeks ago.
Now I don't have to worry or listen to my better half asking me did they call and say "it's finished & ready yet?"
Uhhh...No Honey,Sorry,Not yet.

Well it was another item well worth the wait and Kimber was like a little kid at Christmas time opening presants when she first saw it parked outside at the Autobody shop.
If she said "Oh My God" one more time I was afraid he might actually show up and say what the heck do you want now! lol

Well they did a cracker jack job on it to and came out very nice.
She is really happy with it and that's all that matters .
Thank God for that! Oops There I go now! Sorry Boss! hehe! :D

I am not a big fan of Ram Air style hoods and there are only a few different versions for the 2000-2005 Monte Carlo's.
Personally I prefer Cowl Induction style on any Chevy myself. But unfortunately no hood manufacturer made one for our year of Monte Carlo SS, Kind of strange I thought.
But Kim really liked it and wanted a new style hood for a long time so decided to order it anyway.

After the paint had time to seal and harden I wanted to add the finishing touch and put on some Ram Air decals of the side of the scoop.
After receiving them they just looked kind of small & cheap looking,So I tried a different graphic seller, They were larger but still not what I was looking for.
I looked up OEM style emblems & decals for earlier GM Ram Air hoods or whatever but came up with about the same result,
I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for.
But I'll know when I see it.

A week or so later I came across some custom raised and polished stainless steel Ram Air letter emblems and a Camaro SS scoop grill on eBay.
BINGO! That's the ticket laddie!
I found what I was looking for! (even though I had no idea what that was) :D
They were pricey & not your $7.99 Joe decal shop decals or plastic fantastic factory emblems, But then again,You get what you pay for!

I knew these Polished stainless Ram Air letters would go nice with the SLP polished wheels,So added those to lightly accent it a bit.
Kind of like jewelry for the car.
So that about does it for the exterior unless we get some new wheels & tires in the future.
My bank account will be sure happy about that! It sure needs a rest! ;)
If your wondering where I got the Hood,
You can check them out here.They might have one for your car or truck!
Peter is great person to talk to and work with!