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Tonight I finished my LCD monitor install. It took me approximately 6 weeks working on and off at night and on weekends. I think they turned out great. So good in fact that the monitor I installed in the middle of my dash last year now looks like it doesn't belong there. I'm done with electrical work for now so I'll deal with that next year.
I also installed an Autoloc hidden antenna. The instructions said to install it at the top of the windsheild, but the cord on the antenna wouldn't reach. I ended up mounting it next to the passenger side A pillar. It's not real noticable.
The last thing I did was hardwire a power inverter so I don't have a plug hanging out of my cigarette lighter at car shows. All the wiring is hidden and controls the PS2 that is on the floor behind the passenger front seat.
You can see all the pictures for this project here.