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I recently got the carbs back on and decided to take a small test ride. I thought nah screw the helmet Im just taking it down the alley and back to the garage. So I get to the end of the alley and turn around to go back to the garage. I was about half way to the garage and hit a slick spot and the back of the bike slid out from under me. I wasnt hurt and the bike was ok just had to dig the handlebar out of the dirt and mud. I was going slow because there was snow and ice in my alley so the fall didnt hurt and I turned the bike off as soon as I realized what happened. The kicker though was the two little kids that were playing on a bicycle and a scooter. The older of the two said to the younger "See hes old and he cant ride a bike." Talk about a bruise that will take a while to heal, I couldnt help but laugh about it though. I never considered myself old but that little girl had the fastest whit that I had heard and used me as an example to teach her little sister a valuable lesson.