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Took the car to the local "test n tune" night here, first one of the year. Really hot out 29c and an effective Air Density of 5400ft. Did 5-6 runs kinda trouble free... A few wheel hop starts, one slow shift. But came out with a 13.5 @105 as a best (corrects to about 12.7 @112 at sea level).

Then I went for a run with the traction control turned off because I could feel it hurting me in the 2-3 shift where even if I had a touch of spin it would have been quicker then the tc kickin in and dropping the revs. Anyways launching with the tc off proved to produce the most wheel hop of the night, followed by a loud BANG. It then felt like I wasnt in gear but I was, I then realized I just blew the rear end.

No biggie really, I 1/2 expected it, this car had not been babied by me or the previous owner. It just sucks having an audience for such an event, then I sat for a couple hours for the flatbed tow truck to come get me from the parking lot.

Now it sits.... awaiting my decision.... put it together with another stock rear end or build it bullet-proof? I'm leaning towards the latter.