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On friday I got a text from my dad who was at work asking if a 1971 chevy cab would work on my pickup. I texted him back and said that it would work because there should be no difference in the cab mounts. Next thing I know I get a picture message of an orange 1971 shortbox chevy C/20 sitting in an old barn. My dad's boss started renting an old farm that had a house on it and a bunch of old buildings and a house on it. 5 years ago one of the tenants lost their job and couldn't afford to rent the house anymore. So they werre forced to kick him out of the house. Well in his flight from the place he left behind his old chevy pickup. The truck is in good condition and could be restored easily but the owner left with the title. So after having sat there for so long, the ownership of the pickup was turned over to the landlords. (which is a law in the state of Nebraska) " if an item is left behind on a rental property then the owner has 5 years to reclaim it, or it becomes the property owners property". So on saturday I took the long 5 mile drive from our house to the barn to go check out the pickup. I did the best confirmation that I could on it being a 1971 (Vents in door post for ventilation, which is found on the 71-72's and the grill which was found on the 69-71's) so my best guess is that it was a 1971. The truck has a 292 inline 6 with a 4 speed manual trasmission. But the truck comes with not one but two motors, 1 must have been used as a parts motor or something. And it either has a dana 60 or dana 40 rear axle with A-arm suspension. The cab has a little surface rust on the floor pan and the only thing that needs replaced is the rocker panels and doorskins. I should have two good doors already. But this find is a far cry better than the two times that we drove all the way across the state to look at another piece of crap. So now i have two trucks and what is sad is that the one that i have now is just a good base and i gave $4000 for it and this one has a good body and i got it for free! ill post some photo's of it up on here when i can get back down there and get it out of the barn.