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Well, I attempted to fix my right rear window today.
Since I've owned the car It's been stuck in the up position. I removed the door panel and that went as smoothly as possible. Gotta love those old metal spring clips instead of the plastic ones that always break when you try to remove them! I then managed to remove the window regulator without much hassle either. At this point the window was wedged halfway down into the door. I was at the workbench spraying PB Blaster on the regulator and beating it with a hammer trying to figure out why the thing is frozen when I heard a large crash. The window (which I thought was securely wedged in the door channel) must have fallen down and shattered into a million pieces. Ok, I'm sure I'm exaggerating with the million pieces but you should see the mess. There's glass inside the door, inside my car, on the garage floor, even on the trunk and roof of the car. If I didn't know better I would assume someone planted a small explosive device on the glass and detonated it when I wasn't looking. As I was lowering the window a little voice told me to lower the window all the way down into the door, but as I was pushing it down, it kind of cocked itself and wedged in place. I thought this window will never move. Boy was I wrong. Now I don't have a window and my darn regulator still doesn't work. I guess it's time to call the junkyard again.