Filed under: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (SickSpeed)

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Well I just got done installing oil pressure, water temperature, and vacuum gauges in my custom console. They were Autogage (by Autometer) gauges, and the install was super easy.

I still want to do a little more fabrication so that they are perfectly aligned, as well as removeable from the console without having to disconnect the oil and water temp lines. Just a little modification to a three gauge mounting bracket and I'll have a new removable bezel.

They are much more accurate than the stock gauges, will give the interior a much more purpose built look, and are backlit for night time use. I love them.

Now to get a vinyl cover sewn up to replace the crap job that I did on this one. (I though I could make it look half decent without sewing it... and it did till the glue gave out.)