Filed under: 1993 Ford Thunderbird (ONYX)

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Got the car in June. sellers son drove it up from Nova Scotia. Seemed to be everything he said it was until "THE INSPECTION". The wife was torn, she really liked him from talking to him and meeting him that weekend lol. Had to remind her that he was trying to sell a car, not make friends. It was solid(body and frame) so we made off pretty good for under $1000.

So we got someone to help us out to get on the road. to Make a long story short(never pay cash without a receipt or a work order. What we should have had work on has to be completely replaced now (front suspension). Lost 2 tires with 80% tread on em after 2 weeks UGH!!!!!

She needs a lot of work to just get back to stock condition but the body and frame are solid for a 93( just a little rust on the backs of the wheel wells where splash guards should have been).