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The wife and I both had yesterday off, so after the fog lifted late in the morning, we decided to spend the day on a road trip with the Pontiac.

First stop was Mike Fair Chevrolet, in Smith's Falls Ont., where we wished some of the staff a "Happy Anniversary".

We stopped at St. John's Church (1863) to take pictures, and continued on to my mother, grandmother, and grandfather's burial site just north of Sunbury Ont.

Then back south to the St. Lawrence Parkway, where we stopped at Gananoque Chevrolet to wish the staff there a "Happy Anniversary" also!

Arrived back at our high-rise in Ottawa just in time to get a couple of beautiful sunset photos.

We were gone for about 9 hours all together, the Pontiac performed flawlessly, and attracted much attention wherever we stopped. Actually got an unsolicited offer to buy her when we stopped for lunch, but turned it down.

The weather becomes highly unpredictable this time of year in Eastern Ontario, so this might well turn out to be the last long trip for this year.

But we both enjoyed it tremendously, and can't wait for Spring 2009!