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Hey Peeps,

If you are a positve soul and you are into customizing cars - whatever kind it may be, and you can make it to Missouri - I WOULD LIKE TO MEET YOU!

"CSI MIssouri = Crucial Spirit Impressions" (originally Crucial Impressions began in 2003) ... founded by Curt Bizelli (me) and Josh Calton (my bro). - I live in Southeast, MO now. We're going in a new direction with the club - taking it straight to God!

"Our Passion is Auto Pimpin! Our Foundation is GOD!"

If you want to be part of something special and unique... sene me a message with some contact info. I'd love to hear from you. (Check out the CLUB'S MYSPACE @ www.myspace.c...alimpressions

... then give me a jingle!

There are dues beginning in February, as well as rules & regulations! All can be discussed at a later time.

TC & God Bless,
C2daB (Curt B.), CSI MO Prez

BTW: In the pic above - that is just me with a "COUPLE" of the Club Members!!!