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Those of you that have a wife that thinks she can top you will love this story...or not.

The weekend was spent cleaning out a shed and moving things around in a garage to make everything fit. Well, while that was going on it was time to move the cars to new locations. We also added a new truck to the mix. 1984 S-10 4X4 for my son that will be driving within a year. The truck was backed in next to the garage and the fence, just so that my son wouldn't be tempted to try and take off in it (not that he can drive a stick yet) we put my Lemans in front of it to block the truck. I get excited when I can just start my car. Now understand this car has not been started since last summer. My husband is in the background saying wait until I get the truck and the jumper cables...Im telling you it won't has really old gas and a really old battery in it... I refuse to listen. I jump in the car in goes the keys and I start pumping the gas. First try I hear RRRRRRR (ok make you own sound there for a car trying to start). I stop after 10 seconds, yes I counted I don't want to burn up the starter. Again in the background I hear him grumbling about no one listens to him. LOL - this shouldn't be a news flash for him. I try again. I start pumping the gas I hear RRRR Vrooom! I have no seats still in the car so I am sitting on my little step stool I am so excited I am bouncing around I hit my head on the roof that is the attention getter.The car does not die. She continues to run strong even with my foot off the gas. I let it run for about 1 min. I kill the engine. I hear him say it was a fluke. I started it again - 1st try she started. Now to get it to move he puts transmission fluid in it. I didn't mean to hit the gas like I did (here is my husbands words from day one - it probably doesn't have posi in it. I have left 2 marks twice before in the gravel) I left 2 count em' 2 marks again. One on the grass and one in the gravel. Get the car to where he wants it she runs about 10 more minutes and dies cause she is out of gas. I see the marks... if you know someone that gets really too excited over silly things, add me to that list. I am bouncing around pointing to the car to him saying "See! See! It has posi!" He has this irritated look from the get go. He is in bear mode. He says, "It can do that just once. It doesn't mean it has posi." Oh hogwash! He is just jealous - the Chevelle can't ever leave 2 marks. Grass, gravel, road...nothing. Me bouncing around lasts for a few minutes. I have to go in to the house and put some tires on Craigslist. I hear a car trying to be started...once, twice, three times. I hear the pause and I am peeking out the window wondering if it is my car he is trying to start. Nope. Its the Chevelle. I hear him try again, once, twice, third time I hear it start and die. I see my 15 yr old outside pointing and laughing at my husband (I know he is out there cussing even though he denied it). I hear him try to start the car 2 more times and finally it starts and runs. I even heard him try and leave 2 marks in the gravel...just one mark again...LOL.

If he touches that motor when restoring that will see me in the headlines of all major newspapers. My Lemans has never failed to start and normally on the first try while that Chevelle is grounchy about starting even after its been running. Needless to say the nagging about my car has begun again. I want to drive it! Don't feel too bad for my husband...he can drive his car wheneve and where ever he wants.