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??Ground connection of the of personalized printed circuit board design requires attention to four basic common sense
??custom pcb manufacturer ?Electronic products, the ground is one of the important ways to control interference. If you can grounding and shielding the correct combination, you can solve most of the interference problems in electronic equipment ground structure systems, chassis ground, digital ground and analog ground roughly. Design should pay attention to the following points:
??1 in the low-frequency circuit, the operating frequency of the signal is less than 1MHz, the inductance between the wiring and device is less affected, and the circulation formed by the grounding circuit interference, thus using the point grounding. Ground impedance becomes large when the signal frequency is greater than 1mhz when, at this time should be to minimize the the lowlands line impedance nearby multi-point grounding should be used. When the operating frequency in the 1 ~ 10MHz, if the point grounding, the ground length should not exceed 1/20 of the wavelength of, or should be a multi-point ground method. circuit board manufacturing companies http://www.ib...ring-Services
??2 digital circuits and analog circuits separate circuit boards for both high-speed logic circuits, another linear circuit, should they try to separate, while both ground not to be confused, respectively connected to the power supply terminal ground. To try to increase the area of the linear circuit ground.
??3 as bold ground line if the grounding line is very fine, the ground potential varies with the current changes, resulting in a timing signal of the electronic device the level of instability, the deterioration of the anti-noise performance. Therefore as far as the ground line should be bold, make it through three located in the printed circuit board allows current. If possible, the width of the grounding line should be greater than 3mm.
??4 ground wire constitutes a closed loop design only by digital circuits, printed circuit board ground system, the ground wire is made of closed loop can significantly improve noise immunity. The reason is: when the printed circuit board there are many integrated circuit components, especially in case of power consumption and more components, due to the grounding wire thickness limit, the ground junction to produce a larger potential difference, causing the anti-noise reduced ability to the ground structure into a loop, it will narrow the potential difference and improve the noise immunity of electronic equipment.
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