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I believe that I've grown up in the pontiac family for the mear fact that my step dad was a big pontiac fan and had a variety of poncho's. He has had a collection from catalinas to bonnevilles, and of coarse the safari station wagon that got our family moved Metropolis, IL down to League City, TX back when the race to the moon was taking place. Not to leave out any of his collection out was none the less the great 67 firebird that we all grew up as brothers and sisters learned on to drive. The blue firebird had a straight 6 overhead cam and 3 on the tree was the it's build. When time came for my older brother to start driving and later worked at Gay Pontiac, Dickenson, TX was able to earn enough and start his own collection. He had at one time a GTO early on and then directed his eyes on the TransAm which he has had a multitude of over the years. Among his most choice cars was his two 73 SD 455 TransAms (Red and Green) that he has showed in the ISCA circuit in the 80's with great success winning grand national restored champion. My first car was of coarse was a 1st generation f-body 68 firebird with a 350 CID but had no trnsmission. Luckily for me my step dad had a spare turbo 400 sitting in the garage. With a lttle freshing up on the turbo 400 I was in hog heaven at the age of 18. I did however sell my firebird after having it for some 4 years and selling it after my foot could not stay out of the gas pedal. That was when I bought a jeep to have life of adventure on and off the road. Though I did not have a firebird in my possestion any more, I still helped my brother with his collection in detailing them and help show them at the car shows. Believe me, it was a lot of work and that is were I have learned from the best in detailing my car as well as his cars. My younger brother is also a poncho fan too as he has two TA's his self. (a 77 and a 78) My oldest sister currently has a 06 GTO and she is well pleased with it's performance. It wasn't till 1999 when I became the proud owner of my 1999 TransAm when I saw a commercial with the black TransAm on it chewed up and spit out it's tail pipe, (I can't even remember what kinda a car it was but it was awsome and I Knew I had to have one). So I called around every where in my area and no one had one until a dealership located one in Purcell, OK. So I set up a time to go visit the dealership 2.5 hrs away and made arrangements to take delievery. Needless to say the day I took delievery was the day and very moment that the killer F5 tornado was doing all of it's destruction in Moore, OK just 10 miles or so to the north of us. All I wanted to do was make my way back SE of where the storm was. As we were driving away we could see the exploding transformers in the distance. We made it home safe and sound and it has been a joy to drive ever since. I do show the car and race the car occasionally, but most recently I participated in the Badit Run event from Texarkana to Atlanta, GA and had a blast and got to meet a great bunch of people. My wife is also a proud owner of a 99 TransAm as her everyday driver and enjoys it and the compliments she gets from her co workers. Pontiac has and will be with us for a long time to come. We love to drive excitement!!!!!