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Well it's been a while since I posted our first Blog on our Motortopia Monte Carlo SS page so I thought I would finally update it.
Were having a good time upgrading her car and making it better than stock.
We finally got our SLP Sway Bars back from Goodhue powder coating and installed them last week along with the BMR Lateral arms. The BMR Trailing arms and new brackets were installed a few weeks previously along with the KYB AGX Adjustible gas struts and Eibach lowering springs.Man that's a job I wouldn't want to do a second time on this car. But the end result was well worth the effort! Although I may be a quart or two down on blood. If you have stock on Band Aids,It just went up! hehe!

There are still a few things under the car I need to replace to clean it up under there, But are minor and cosmetic only.
But believe me,They will get done!
We took her out for a ride this past weekend up in the North country of N.H. on Rt.149 and Wow! What a differance,She handles the twisties and hills like a slot car and absolutley no body lean, Much better than my old IROC Z and Trans Ams I have owned in the past! We are very pleased! But I think I scared the wife on some of those hilly 90 & 180 degree corners! lol :).