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Wow! It's hard to believe how fast 2007 blew by...almost like it had a double shot of nitrous!

At 62 years young I keep wonderin' how come the years seem to whiz by so fast...can't explain it but they sure do! There's a lesson here for you young guys 'n gals...don't put off what's important in your life or whatever it is you want to do 'cause time keeps creepin' up on ya whether you're paying attention or day you're rokin' 'n rollin' in your 20's & 30's and the next, well, one of your best friends is throwing a surprise "Over The Hill" b'day party for you 'cause it's your 40th b'day! And from there, time just keeps comin' at ya, only a little faster each year :) Pretty soon you're asking the same question I do...."where'd the time go? ...seems like I was just 20 yesterday!" :)

Now don't get me wrong here...I'm having the time of my life and I'm enjoying every minute of just would have been nice to do some of the things I'm doing now back when I was, say, 30 or maybe even 40...know what I mean?

The good news is that as I begin another new year, 2008 looks to me like it will be even more fun and more exciting than 2007 (or any previous year)...a lot of that fun and excitement comes from the great people I've met since we restored and began cruisin' & showin' the Green Machine. And Motortopia has been a huge part of that guys 'n gals have been a blast to to get to know on Motortopia and I look forward to getting to know you all better and maybe even meeting some of you at a car event somewhere in 2008! I'm also looking forward to adding more friends and their garages to my friends list in 2008!

So Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you make 2008 your best year ever! And remember the infamous words of Larry The Cable Guy, "Git R Done"

All the best,
Dan & The Green Machine