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Peter Wozena (1918-2006) – Wozena grew up in Detroit and graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1937. He worked as a clay sculptor of automobile bodies at Briggs Manufacturing Company. Wozena’s design talent was recognized by General Motors when he became one of the winners of the Fisher Body Craftsmen’s Guild in 1939. He was assigned to the Pontiac studio before war broke out. Pete served in the US Navy and designed bombsights and various military hardware. Returning the GM in 1946, his skills were used designing detail elements in the Cadillac Studio such as the tail lights for the 1948 Cadillac and the fins for the 1950 model. Wozena is also credited with designing the popular Vista-Cruiser roofline available on 1964-72 Buick and Oldsmobile station wagons. He spent much of his career in advanced styling generating wild and offbeat desgns. Wozena retired from GM in 1974.