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Well it has been a busy couple of weeks.

I added pacesetter LT headers, Texas Speed Y-pipe and poly motor mounts.

It took me a couple of weeks due to a couple of injuries during that time..

The motor mounts were a pain in the butt. Just like most people post that have done them. I learned some things that if I were to do it a second time, I could do it better and probably faster.

I will say this, my y-pipe has not hit the floorboard yet, I live on a brick street and there are many railroad tracks in this town.

Next came the headers. They were not that bad to put in. I did them by myself and really didn't have any issues..

Finally, the Y-pipe...PITA, anyway I could not my cat back to lineup after adding everything, but after a bunch of researching and others offering tips, I cut about 3/4" off my y-pipe and that was enough to satisfy me.

I think things would have fit better if I would have used the old style muffler clamps on the collectors, but I band clamps on everything which made things tighter to line up.

Well anyway that is done and it sounds really cool when you get on it...