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Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on here very much. I have been super busy. I'm back in school but have the day off tomorrow from school because my area (Webster NY up near Lake Ontario) is supposed to be around -30F. I am in my senior year of high school now. I am going onto college next year. I have chosen to go to Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY for automotive service. I am very excited! I am also looking for a job in my area but I have to be 18 to work at autozone which is kind of what I want to do or I may try getting a job at a lawnmower shop in my town. I have started with ebay and that has been working out well! I am still with my girlfriend. It has been 3 years! She is now going to college at SUNY Geneseo and I'm very proud of her! I have been building models and I have a lot of models and diecasts to upload here when I get the chance! I'm thinking about consolidating my diecasts into a photo album but keeping the models as cars. I still have a clean driving record too :) I'm trying to keep it that way. I've just about perfected the art of 5-speed. I love it so much! I'm hoping to have my own car very soon! Of course that will be pictures galore! I've also been working on computers and I recently built my own for gaming and on a budget (Only spent around $100) and it's all modern parts. If anyone has any questions about computers you can ask me! I have lots to update about. I've been working on lawnmowers, snowblowers and riding mowers. I'm very happy doing it and that's why I'm trying to make it a career! I'm glad I've had all of you as friends on here and I hope that maybe I'll see some of you someday! I'm going to try to get as many cars up as I can so you all can see what I've done :) Hope you all had a great christmas and are off to a great start this new year!

Your friend,