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We're clearing 'em out... ...and shipping them to you.

We have but a few shirts remaining, and the price is unbelievable. (and has sent our accountant into a fit... speaking of fit, these are TOP QUALITY Hanes Heavyweight, tagless tee's...perfect for the cool months ahead!)

If you're thinking "Holiday Shopping" and "stocking stuffers", we've got you (or your torso, or the torso of a friend or loved one... hell, buy some for strangers and make new friends!) covered. And you'll have 'em in plenty of time to choose the wittiest page of the comics section to wrap them in, too. We've thought of everything. Told ya we cared.

Grab 'em here, short-sleeve tees for under $10, long sleeves slightly more, and all have limited quantities. When they're gone, well, they're gone, as we'll be retiring the designs... and who knows... you could be wearing a future collector's item.
Have at 'em, and enjoy...