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Since I've got myself back on track with the art, I thought I would share what I've completed recently.
Those of my friends that have seen it have complimented me & I've had a couple of commissions out of it, too. With the way the economy is, I'm hoping that this hobby of mine will pay off with me drawing for someone or selling prints.
This leads me to why I am blogging about it. As I add work to my portfolio, commission or not, I shall also upload it to the relevant album on here so you all get to see it. I'm obviously gonna be happy to sell prints, but also letting everyone have the benefit of what I have to offer, even if it's just eye candy, is rewarding in itself. Hopefully, you may like one or more of them enough to order a print or three of your own.
I've got a few I'm working on at the moment, so it shouldn't be too long before my next instalment.
Watch this space....