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As I sit at my computer, (the same evrynight) my wife asks me "whatcha doin?" My reply is the same as usual "looking at cars, what else?" She turns to my daughter and say " what ever you do dont marry a car guy!" I got really offended! And asked her "why not?" her reply to my was "because its all you ever do!" Shes right thou.

Which got me to thinking her comment was that far off, I mean im sitting here and I have 5 windows open. This site, 2 other sites looking for my Kodiak, another site looking for parts for my Dually, and another site trying to figure out what color im finally gonna paint Big Teaze. My bathroom is littered with car and truck mags, my wife doesnt want me meeting the archtiect designing our new home cause all im ever worried about is the garage.

Which makes me realize the passion I have for automobiles runs really deep. Im totally fascinated by them Ive always been, my Dad was an old school hot rodder back in the day and he influenced me without even trying. Its no secret to anyone here that Im into Chevys (thanks Dad!) But I can respect and enjoy all makes and models some more then others but there is a respect that I have for all of them.

I can go anywhere in this country (Ive never left so I cant compare) and not know anyone let them pull up in a cool car and we both can strike up a conversation and we can talk for hours like we knew each other for years, just based on a vehicle. Ive made lots of friends simply based on this obsession, and I know for some of you its way more then just a passion its an obsession.

For me it started at a very young age. As far back as I can remember my Dad was always in the garage fixing,tuning or polishing something. His obsession was a black blown 64 GTO, he loved that car. He rarely ever drove it and I only got to ride in it once, (but it was one hell of a ride!) His passion was Chevelles and Novas. He went thru a lot of them, The Chevelles were always 2 toned, white roof blue bodies and the Novas were always blue. ( to this day ive never figured out why he would paint them that way)

As for me I went to high school in the late 80s when the mini truck fad started to kick in and I went that route instead of getting involved with muscle cars. I had a 74 Datsun bullet side, complete with the cookie cutter steam roller wheels tilt bed and speakers as far as the eye could see. I though I was cool and all until I picked up a truck magazine and the late Boyd Coddington had an article on a 89 fullsize chevy lowered on billet wheels. ( I still have that magazine) MAN I needed a truck like that. my Dad convinced me that if I was gonna do it Id be better of getting a black 454SS. He was right .He helped me find one and co signed a loan for me. My Dad was greatly impressed with my muscle truck. Its the first and only truck that I ever got to work on with my Dad. ( he died of cancer latter that year) I loved that truck, it had way more meaning then anyone could ever know. I was forced to sell it thou, that 454 loved dropping by gas stations, and those $129. a month truck payments were killing me.

Over the years Ive built quite a few vehicles, lowered, lifted import, domestic, but I always go back to the Chevy Trucks. Ive gone thru quite a few of them over the years, and to be honest it doesnt look like im gonna stop.

My daughter was my chief mechanic in the build up of Migraine, she was with me thru the entire build of that truck. Passing me wrenches helping me sand bodywork, grabbing me a mountain dew when i needed it. So I guess thats why I got really offended by my wifes comment.

My wife in no way shape or form is into cars, shes happy with point A to point B. I keep trying to tell her its how you get there not the journey thats important. She though id grow out of it.She doesnt understand the importance it plays in my life.


P.S. Im not worried about my daughter marrying a car guy im more worried about the dude marrying a car chick. because she is allready there! and I am PROUD to say ive influenced her automotive future in whatever way she choses to burn rubber in!