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I hit the I-90 tunnels yesterday. I went westbound first from South Bellevue to Seattle. Before I got to the tunnel a WRX passed me doing about 75-80 about a mile before the first tunnel, his trunk was debadged so I don't know if it was an STi or not, He did have that big ol wing though. I was sticking to just under 60. I wanted to hit the tunnel doing about 60 in 3rd and just nail the **** out of the gas pedal and listen to the SC whine. I only have an intake and wanted to hear that sucker wind out before I get an exaust. I rolled up the windows, opened the sunroof and turned off the stereo. The first tunnel is more than an 1/8mi. but less than a 1/4mi., and has a medium curve to the left. Well, nothing was in front of me but a minivan. I got in the left lane and nailed it in 3rd to 100mph, shifted and by the time I was out I was over 120mph, IN A CURVE! Wow, what an awesome handling car. I came up on that WRX FAST. He sped up a bit, as I was shutting down. As I was going over the floating bridge part of I-90 over Lake Washington a bike was flying across at probably 130-140mph. I was behind the WRX now by about 10 car lengths and the next tunnel was coming up. I nailed it again and passed him with the quickness. This time there was a bit of traffic and some tighter corners coming, but I had the perfect line through the tunnel and beyond, all the way to the city (Seattle) which was about 2-3 miles. That was a **** load of fun! If you have a SC car with an intake, I suggest you try this in a tunnel, I love that WHINE!