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I just wanted to let my real friends know I am here again after the may years I have been gone. I want to also let you know that I did get my car back from Steve Radin or New Finish. They did a horrible job on the body work that wasn't worth $12 let alone $1200 or $2500. We are in the process of fixing all the body work and paint issues since Steve Radin had it. He had my car for over 2 years and would not give the car up even when my attornies sent him letter after letter which I plan on posting here in my defense some day in the future & sent the Sherrifs Deputies out there. Steve made me look like a fool and bad mouthed me all over the internet and local drag strips.
My good friends that race at Kearney plan on expressing their feelings to him personally. I asked them not to but I cannot keep them from doing so. Steve and his crew also stole over $6500 worth the parts off my car and from me so I am finally almost ready to start assembling it again. LOUIE WILL BE BACK SOON !!! COUNT ON IT !! Bigger and badder than before !! Steve only tought me a lesson with people and I trust NO ONE anymore. !! Business is business the hell with anything else. Friends are friends and family is family. I do my own work now on my stuff period ! So Steve if you hear about this message I am coming for you on the track !! I will get my own sweet revenge beating your car with my car and if your car has my parts in it that will be even better. I know you have a white 2002 Camaro all tubed chassis that runs very low 9's at Kearney & I know about your sons car too !! I promise you that you will see me soon enough !! Oh & I DO PAY MY BILLS STEVE !! I always have !! Ask anyone that has ever dealt with me. Even recently after my bankruptcy you jerk !!
Also, I plan on returning all the money that was sent to me for the Louie Fund a year or so ago. I have all your addresses and once I am on top of my bills again and have the extra cash it is going back to those true friends that helped !! I hate owing anybody & I am not a scammer !! That really upset me when I heard Steve called me that. He is the scammer or he is really a theif !! That is how he has gotten where he is in life. He just found a loop hole in the State of Nebraska's system that helps crooks like him and hurts honest people like me and others. He will get his in the end !! Karma is a real bitch Steve !!!
For the locals that have been waiting on seeing Louie again, He should be out by the end of summer or for sure next year in the spring. Car shows will see him along with the drag strips !! Count on it !! WE ARE BACK WITH A VENGANCE !!! And even a fw new upgreades !!