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I have a few fairly funny things to say once in a while. I mean after all it should entertain some folks. After all, most people don't realize how difficult it is to be (or try to stay) successful and professional yet friendly in the MANS WORLD OF DRAG RACING(capitalized for emphasis) I think I do a pretty good job and maintain my sense of humor. Oh! and for whoever thought that 38 was a typo!!! Awe, aren't you sweet! I WISH! I am almost 39. I have a son in High School for crying out loud. Anyway, give me a few and I will throw up some stuff here on this blog that could make you laugh depending on your mood. But, if you are those type A personalities that take yoursleves way to serious. You probably won't like what I have to say very much. Hey, we are here to have fun right? To talk about what we love in the automotive world, right? SO, maybe I should start by telling you how some things just make no sense in this industry more particular in my end of this industry. I just had a client tell me that a Series he races in just sent out a rule revision stating that for 2008 (ready for this) forward facing or forward mounted turbo chargers will NOT be permitted? Can this be true? I mean is this sanctioning guy for real? Anybody know enough about cars out there to comment on this. 99% of every turbo or twins I have EVER seen has been set up this way. Are you kidding me? Did some dummy with side mounted turbo's that don't face forward on their car call this other sanctioning guy up and tell him "well the forward mounted forward facing turbos make more power"! - ????????- Hmm. maybe that guy should face his forward. And who is dumb enough to take that one persons advice? Ok enough ranting... There has to be a logical explanation for all this... I need to get to the bottom of it though! Why do I care, you ask???? Well, I will get blasted with several racers with their panties all up in a twist ready to hack their race cars apart for this one rumor. The other racers will be calling and emailing me asking me what I am going to do about it. Yikes!!

On that note have a nice evening. I need a glass of wine. Oh. it's not even 4 yet. Oops. Guess not.