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Every one is a critic when it comes to my one sees exactly what i do or what will be.
After hearing constantly that i should just junk my car, (lol ya right .. not the love of my life!!) i bought a "reliable" car. i bought 2007 mazda 3. i should give credit where its due, the little 4 banger has some get up and go, but its nothing like driving Sparkles. you cant even hear the damn thing run!! not to mention they designed the damn car for people with short legs and extra long arms (its been a month..still cant seem to move the seat to anything near comfortable) ok enough of mazda hating cause i could go on and on... i have to take it easy on the mazda or ill end up driving the other half's dodge ...eekkk!! (ill walk lol)

Only good thing is now Sparkles is parked and being worked on with out my daily driving abuse. amazing while she had her ride on the trailer, everyone started asking if i sold her... omg really >.< NEVER!!!
Today wires and plugs, then later this week new tps and iac . Then on to the suspension. it will be nice not to float down the highway anymore :-p sunroof i swear will be replaced... i keep pushing it off... i am still looking for a motor, just not exactly sure how extreme to go.... but bigger and faster sounds about right. yes i know chaa ching!!!!