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I have owned a couple of Vettes But after the 1967 I onwned then my parents traded it in without me knowing I though I was going to be depressed for life. I bought a 1981 I did not think it should have been called a corvette! It was a dog!!! Then that led to a 1992 Crossfire Corvette Oh my God No one could repair it. Then this one came along as I entered a contest held by the Corvette Museun in Tennessee my family played a prank on me and made me believe I had won a Corvette!!! My wife saw the raffle tickets and made me believe I had won it. I looked into this Vette and the more I read the more I liked what I read. I felt it had the right Stuff! It has Won the 24 hours of the Le Mans two years ago and the Austin Martin Squeek a win this year by a hair.
I was going to go with the 400 HP Le Mans Blue plus a automatic paddle shift model. Special order. I bought two raffle tickets one for a build your own and the other for the Z06. I was not lucky enough to win either raffle. I was buying the Vette for my dear wife and me to finally go on a long awaited vacation we have been waiting to go on for 28 years. Make a long story short. My wife and family got together and put the down payment down for me!!! Now I have the best Corvette I feel Chevrolet has made since 1967 an engine that weighs 350 Lbs with 505 HP Holy Smokes. Yes It is Real fast!!! It Handles like nothing I have ever driven and now I am adding Twin turbos a Borla exaust and some other goodies to include a good tuning by Jimmy Smith the best tunner I know! The twins will be done at Lindenfelders soon. His Father was killed racing or testing one of his famous cars. I plan to make this my last but fastest Vette I have ever owned. It is Scary fast now but everything is relevent.