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??Ibuonline automotive electronics suppliers to talk about three kinds of alternative fuel economy Raiders
??Recently, a further rise in oil prices. The reporters found that the advertising of all kinds of fuel-efficient products, began to occupy a prominent position in the automotive supplies market. With rising oil prices, a lot of people heard the "fuel-efficient" to immediately shines. Older products in addition to what the fuel economy stickers, fuel economy, additives, some the sound Xuanhu "fuel-efficient Product" and in recent years also constantly broke into the horizon, such as fuel-efficient tire, fuel-efficient explosion-proof film, even navigation Miriam also something to do with fuel-efficient.
??Whether these alternative fuel-efficient products, businesses are grandstanding hype gimmick or practical new concept product, the reporter with industry experts from their fuel-efficient principle analysis, as well as how to objectively look at its "fuel-efficient" function.
??Fuel-efficient tirecar electronic parts
??Fuel-efficient Keywords: reduce rolling resistance
??With the listing of the new generation of fuel-efficient tire, tire manufacturers have once again played the "fuel-efficient" brand.
??Fuel-efficient principle: usually high silicon content of the tires have a relatively excellent grip, less energy loss, can effectively reduce the rolling resistance, more fuel-efficient than ordinary tires.
??Expert analysis: In fact, the tire has been able to fuel economy, relies mainly on reducing tire rolling friction to achieve their goals, in addition to the tire pressure, tread, flat rate are also factors affect whether it is fuel-efficient. Four fuel-efficient car tires, in theory, may drop about 5% of the fuel consumption.
??Blast-proof film
??Fuel-efficient Keywords: reduce consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration
??Some car film brand to attract the consumers of thirst for fuel-efficient, more specialized in the product launch of the "energy-saving series.
??Fuel-efficient principle: hot summer, the exposure sometimes under the temperature inside the vehicle or even up to 60 ° C, turn on the air conditioning can cool, but the use of air conditioning in the summer heat for a long time, the fuel consumption will inevitably increase. Car film has excellent spectral selection effect, can effectively reduce the visible and near-infrared energy into a corresponding reduction in the consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration, as the temperature drops, so as to achieve the energy saving effect.
??Expert analysis: by effectively reducing the visible and near-infrared energy into, and effectively improve the Solar Energy Rejection, from this angle, and allows the air conditioning to maximize the effect, to reduce energy consumption. In general, however, even if it is a very good car film insulation effect, and its energy-saving effect only in 2% to 8%.
??Fuel-efficient Keywords: reduce mileage
??Navigator fuel-efficient, it sounds a little joke taste. Think navigator in an unfamiliar place detours, it seems that we can play the effect of fuel savings.
??Fuel-efficient principle: in fact, this navigator can also fuel-efficient concept is fairly simple. It lies in reducing the mileage, the case does not get lost each trip can rapidly reach their destinations, so in terms of its reduced fuel consumption, principle is simple.
Expert analysis: from theory to reduce the mileage to be more direct and effective than what other lower rolling resistance to reduce the fuel consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration. However, in practical applications, many vehicle owners will have a different experience. First of all, we are more familiar with the place, the navigator will basically be ignored, and in the rush hour, frequent traffic jams is also difficult for static navigator their talents. But in a strange place, it will play, compared to the unnecessary distance to go in the state lost more than it naturally helps to reduce fuel consumption.
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