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??Ibuonline car electronics also talk about automobile reversing skills
??The first is a wrong idea, said reversing just look around the reflective mirror and the rear view mirror can, in fact, this is not enough, because the novice is not used to look in the mirror, not to mention the reversing back will inevitably be a pedestrian and bicycle, so, ibuonline car electronics proposal should develop astern look good habit, but will look around the reflective mirror and the rear view mirror as a supplementary means.
??The following is reversing some artifice and matters needing attention:
??Reversing speed should not be higher than 2 meters / second, slow to give yourself more observation and playing wheel.
??To the novice, to finish an action, regardless of whether the feeling is it right? Success must get off first, look around, find the next improved feel, so repeated practice, can certainly have a multiplier effect.
??Pour into the parking space is unique, reversing don't forget to turn lights.
??The car and the curb 10~20cm apart as well, probably is a mirror of width.
??1 while the vehicle is in the back, but the eyes must proceed to have a look, special attention should be paid to the novice. Driving in general does not teach the practical knowledge. Reversing if not pay attention to the front, the front side is likely to get things, meet more people in trouble. To the left when inverted, attention should be paid to the right front, right down to the attention of the left front. The car ends against injury is often pay no attention to this a cause.
??2 if the place is very small, both sides of the car are obstacles ( such as stopping a car ), left back, as far as possible to the left and right body paste, paste, such can play in advance of the steering, shorten the reverse distance. How to love? Can go straight down, then, when the stick left or right, and then poured on it.
??3 backing before observed good terrain, in a parking place, opened in the past when we should pay attention to the value space surrounding obstacles is it right?. Novices often do not pay attention to, open after it, in case the car after a short pile or the child may touch the bumper or charge.
??4 if someone together, can let him help command, do remember to roll down the window, or outside the people shouted at the throat, you can not hear. Especially for novices, easily flustered, taking care not to come, through the windows, small voice also may not hear. Roll down the window, another advantage is: if you see the situation on the ground, you can put your head out of the window to observe.
??5 if not spacious, reversing the time need not fall too much, enough to walk in front of it. After all, than go back to a little bit, a little higher risk coefficient.
??6 parking backed, back more, go on when the more, the more easily parked, especially from small spaces to this operation, or may simply stop not going in. This is a novice to be careful, intermediate drivers improved technology available.
??7 parking reversing, entry angle to 40 degrees into the appropriate, before the right back for example, into the left direction of timing is very important, pay attention to the front, feel the front passed ( front right swing does not meet the vehicle in front ), you can get the direction. The tail of the car to the parking spaces after 1/3. Direction too late, the space is not enough, the body may also be too right, the right side is the wall and then the top; playing early May body still outside, to move several times in order to engage, novice might move. Reversing parking, entry angle and wheel timing is very important. This article based on experience and the situation is extremely challenging, novice, don't be afraid, you should have the courage to practice.
??8 then said: do not place an important experience playing wheel, it is damaged vehicles, booster also sink. If you need a few on a few moving car, pay attention to every move up and down in the car to stop before the end, did not stop when, in the opposite direction to return a wheel, can hit up much, so your next action saves the play so much.
??Many techniques are used to accumulate. But is there a way, no matter how strong your car reversing radar, also do not rely solely on it, to really the habits and technology practice, so, no matter what special circumstances encountered, we can easily deal with.
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