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??Ibuonline data report shows the spring to keep the car health conducive to safe driving
??ibuonlineautomotive electronics suppliers,After a winter, spring has come, because the weather changes with the seasons, the climate will become warm and humid, automotive repair professionals therefore recommended that the majority of the owners friends the best during the spring to the vehicle interior as well as the ventilation system all at once the clean-up, etc., in order to ensure a clean interior.
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??Do look at the car disinfection
??It is understood that the interior space, car personnel changed frequently, regulars like like some food residue, dust, etc., are automotive interior. There peculiar smell comes out of the air conditioning system, plus the spring is the season of respiratory disease multiple Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a clean whole car.
??Now there are a lot of car washing shop or 4S stores have launched a number of car disinfection project, the price is not expensive, if the economic aspects of permitting, it is recommended that owners can do indoor disinfection, especially owners of young children, and more should pay attention to their indoor disinfection.
??In addition, in the present, some supermarkets photocatalytic disinfection of like goods sold, if you do not want to spend money to do the whole car interior disinfection can also buy these disinfection products back yourself to do it according to the instructions. Particular attention to the seats, carpet, air conditioning vent place disinfected.
??Replacement of two kinds of filter
??There is a suggestion of the owner, to the 4S shop or repair shop to replace auto air filter and cabin air filters, because a supply to the engine, a supply automotive interior. The air filter is too dirty, will enable the decrease in the amount of air entering the cylinder, resulting in the decline of the dynamic performance of the car, not to mention speed up. Air conditioning filter should also be in the course of regular cleaning or replacement, or clogged filter will prevent and reduce air into the evaporator tank, this will not only affect the effect of air-conditioned, there will be odor generation.
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