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??Ibuonline discount automotive electronics wholesalers to remind you of automobile repair after the five detection can not be less
1, automotive electronics suppliers,to observe the appearance of the vehicle, standing in front of the front view of cab, hood, panels around the leaves, such as whether the front bumper euparagonimus. If not himself, usually have the following factors: inconsistent about tire pressure, or spring and shock absorber, or leaves the frame plate deformation.
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??2, to the front bumper and the drag hook check whether firmly, radiator cover, engine hood, fender and cab has no concave-convex crack, the connecting bolts are firm, whether the installation of a solid headlamp.
??3, into the driver's door to check whether the light switch, glass doors and windows are flexible movements, the pedal is firmly installed, check the front windshield has no crack.
??4, to rear observation car is fair, rear lights, brake lights, license plate is installed firmly.
??5, check the fuel tank, the spare tire installation. Running check running inspection purpose is the comprehensive performance on vehicle assembly, operation should be cautious, safety first, the project and the order is as follows:
??(1), start running, the engine should be working to normal temperature and inspection instrument.
??(2), check the clutch. The clutch should be separated completely, joint is stable and reliable, no shake, rattle.
??(3), low speed 2 to 3 kilometers, so that the chassis components temperature to normal, pay attention to whether the abnormal sound components. Gently depress the brake pedal, the brake test is flexible and effective, and then increase the speed. The wheel should be light and flexible, no deviation.
??(4), choose a suitable venue, check the minimum turning radius, steering radius shall comply with the provisions of the original car.
??(5), in the acceleration or deceleration, pay attention to listen to the gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft, differential has no sound, in different block and different speed gears, allowing a slight sound different, but will never allow a clicking sound; in any one gear, when a sudden change in speed allowed gear is instantly knock; the transmission shaft is not in normal running noise.
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