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??Ibuonline Discount car electronics parsing the car in addition to carbon deposition nine methods
??Ms. Chen recently the car shaking so badly, especially at a red light, looked at the security of the passenger seat buckle With the engine trembling, almost like a child sat on the tractor you win a fight. Drove to the 4S shop for a check, coke too serious. "4S shop repairman said my car bad habit, is not only easy to coke, a long time will damage the engine. Startled me say this really home to check the Internet, online prevention of coke many ways, do not know do not fly? " automotive electronics suppliers.
??Experts told reporters, carbon deposits can not completely avoid, but usually take good care of the car, maintain good driving habits can indeed play a preventive role. Ms. Chen found those methods are not fly, experts eleven made Reviews.
??, Plus high-grade gasoline can reduce the coke it?
??The coke major impurities in the gasoline, and the air in the dust particles settling down in the combustion chamber formed. Label gasoline relative impurities are less able to do so using the high-grade gasoline, and really good on the engine.
??Prolonged idling air conditioning, parking will cause coke it?
??Do not let the vehicle at idle for a long time, especially not a long idle air conditioning is on. Water temperature in 85 to 90 ?, the engine will be in top working condition, otherwise insufficient gasoline combustion, carbon deposition on that morning a long time hot car, engine temperature rises very slowly from the truth, and can also cause carbon deposits in the idle state, the air conditioning running, the more will give the engine caused by the load. "But, Ma, director of that do not have to do too much, and only takes a few minutes if waiting for someone, no need to turn off. Restart the moment, not only high fuel consumption, will cause wear and tear on the engine.
??3, running high-speed can wash away the coke it?
??Run high-speed, can really take advantage of the airflow airway scour, wash away part of the coke. So, if you just go out there to go fast, State Road two options, why not choose the high-speed pull back. However, the horse, director of think, deliberately designed to "wash away carbon deposits" to run fast, you will not be necessary. "A waste of time, and expensive oil, still has a lot of high-speed toll, the effect is not as good as do a maintenance to the 4S shop!"
??4, to improve the speed of the shift, such as the original speed 2000rpm shift changed 2500rpm conversion, can prevent the generation of carbon deposition, but also to protect the engine?
??The horse director, said the low-speed shift is often said that "drag block", the car is easy to knock gasoline combustion is not sufficient to lead to coke. Made, there is no need to increase the shift speed - this will increase fuel consumption and cause premature wear of clutch friction plates. Therefore, the manual transmission car, 1.6 ~ 2.0L displacement 2000 rpm left and right shift is relatively affordable, no need to improve; while the automatic car, be careful not fierce fuel door.
??Car in car stuck in neutral gear fierce fuel door, with the high-speed running erosion coke you?
??In theory, idling fierce fuel door will wash away some coke, but this method is not recommended. The first is a waste of gasoline, pollute the environment; Secondly, the idling engine bad. Especially the speed up to 4000 rpm or more, if it is not running on the road, no wind inside the engine cooling engine might have an impact. Really rely on air flow obliterated coke, or to run a high-speed!
??6, I heard that clear the chemical composition of the coke fuel cleaner, rubber oil pipeline corrosion, will not be worth the candle?
??The qualified fuel cleaner can clean better than gasoline fuel chamber, fuel injectors, exhaust pipe, carbon deposits. Of course, these chemicals are corrosive, 4S shop using the operating regulations, if not careful hands dripping is very powerful.
??However, even if it is a three-drug, but in life the disease still have to take medicine. The same reason, by contrast, need or should use these products.
??7, I heard that to avoid demolition clean, does not completely remove coke; can disassemble cleaned, fear of damage to the engine, how to do?
??Disassemble cleaning course washed clean, but the pros and cons, the engine is opened, there will inevitably leak or other consequences. Under normal circumstances, to avoid demolition cleaning can wash, but also saves time. However, some vehicles are not careful with low-grade oil will get stuck piston rings; refueling when encountered some bad gas station oil, will severely clogged fuel injectors, and it can only be opened to wash.
??8, fuel cleaner and fuel treasure What is the difference? Increase fuel Bao addition to coke?
??Fuel cleaner the main coke for fuel system equipment for professional cleaning. Treasure is added directly to the fuel in the tank, to be able to make gasoline burn more fully. Some high-end car sensor is more accurate, higher oil requirements, if gasoline is not up to the the emissions lamp on the instrument panel lights can prevent added fuel treasure. Not so high for ordinary family cars, fuel treasure and more expensive, the owner can be determined according to their economic affordability.
??9 What is the most effective, most convenient addition to carbon deposition method?
??Coke or focusing on prevention: Do not leave the poor lubricant to regular repair shop do the maintenance. With the poor quality of the oil, a short period of time do not see the impact, but a year or two down the coke cause serious or even damage the engine.
??Very important to develop good driving habits, such as not fierce fuel door, not a long time idling.
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