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??Ibuonline Discount car electronics share nine characteristics of the running-in period of new car
??1, running failure: due to improper assembly of parts, car driving more faults in the running-in period;
??2, high oil consumption: to ensure that the new running-in stage operation in low load condition, the carburetor car installed limit, therefore, extremely easy to cause the mixture too thick, so that the fuel consumption increases; automotive electronics suppliers
??3, oil deterioration: the new car in the running-in period, because part of the rough surface and between the two parts of small gap, will make the oil temperature, at the same time, a lot of scrap metal is worn fall into the lubricating oil, easy to make the lubricating oil oxidation and metamorphism.
??Said the following matters needing attention in the running-in period when using the new car:
??1, the initial preheating first: This is for EFI cars, starting before, should first turn the key to the second stop after 5-10 seconds, restart, this is because the key after the door is opened, the gasoline pump starts to work, the oil pressure and injection quantity adjustment, therefore, a few seconds after the start to protect the car engine;
??2, avoid the emergency brake: emergency brake not only make the running in the brake system will increase the impact load impact, the chassis and engine, the first driving 300 kilometers, it is best not to emergency braking;
??3, avoid overload: the new car in the running-in period such as the full-load operation, will cause damage to parts, therefore, in the initial driving 1000 kilometers, homebred car can not exceed the rated load 75%-80%, imported cars can not exceed the rated load of 90%, in addition, in order to reduce body and power system load, road surface should be flat, avoid vibration, crash or emergency braking;
??4, avoid to run long-distance: new car in the running-in period to run long-distance, engine continuous working time will increase, easy to cause the wear of machine parts;
??At 5, not high speed: the new running-in stage within the speed limit, domestic car in general 40-70 km / h, imported cars generally at 100 km / h, when the throttle opening, vehicle speed can not exceed the maximum speed of 80%, and in the running to observe the engine tachometer and speedometer, ensure that the engine speed and the vehicle speed speed in the work, under normal circumstances, the running-in period of engine speed should be in 2000-4000 rpm;
??6, the use of high-quality gasoline: car used in the running-in period of not less than the manufacturer of the gasoline label, should try to add high-quality gasoline, do not add wear resistant oil, so as to avoid the mileage is enough and running-in problems;
??7, avoid early dismantling limit: limit is a throttling device installed on a carburetor and air inlet pipe between the owner cannot advance, it should be removed, such as car 1000 kilometers, in the maintenance of good circumstances and will be removed;
??8, timely shift: shift in time to avoid the high gear and low speed and low gear of high speed driving, not by a long way, but also not in each gear so the speed limit is reached, in general, the gear speed control at top speed in the range of 3/4, specific for: 1 block 25. In 2, retaining 40 km, 60 km, 3 Block 4 block 5 block 90 kilometers, 100 kilometers;
??9, the correct adjustment of ignition and fuel system: this can solve the changes caused by vacuum economizer installed limit occurs, raise economy to adjust period.
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