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??Ibuonline Discount car electronics share of attention automobile electronic refrigerator truck
??The refrigerator car use matters needing attention
??• use the environment to maintain good ventilation, keep away from fire or other heat sources;
??•refrigerator and wire should avoid moisture and rain, but can not be placed in the water;
??Inside the refrigerator, not in direct contact with liquid;
??•regular cleaning and defrosting;?automotive electronics suppliers
??Please select standard power line power line or the manufacturer's recommended specifications;
??•if there is a need to use at home, please choose the power converter is recommended by the manufacturer;
??• if used refrigeration special items, please review the refrigeration efficiency and goods storage requirements are needed;
??•the refrigerator car is not a toy, please keep away from children.
??Car refrigerator cleaning, what are the considerations?
??Cleaner, refrigerator, can not use sharp objects scratch wall, avoid the hard object collision wall;
??•cannot use difficult volatile or the corrosive liquid to wipe the inside of the box;
??Please use a soft cloth and neutral detergent wipe ( water or special clean agent );
??•not washed or soaked in water to clean the refrigerator.
??Car refrigerator compressor can be used in what models?
??•almost can be used in any vehicle, only according to the models to choose the right product models; 12V and 24V two kinds of voltage can be adapted to.
??Car refrigerator suitable for use where in the car?
??Car refrigerator, small volume can be placed in the middle of the copilot and rear seat; large volume can be considered to the trunk ( due to the ventilation requirements, recommend as little as possible on the use of the car trunk ).
??The refrigerator car in the car trunk, how to connect to the smoke outlet?
??•models in the trunk of the installation with a smoke outlet, can be directly connected to the refrigerator power supply plug;
??•can be extended through the power line from the bottom of the seat, the smoke outlet connected to the inside of the vehicle, power line should be short and thick lines, not less than the original wire gauge.
??Car refrigerator can use at home?
??•can, choose to use the original accessories " power converter can be realized in the family " refrigerator, hotel, camping etc..
??The refrigerator car after the power supply is cut off, can be heat how long?
??•refrigerator after the power supply is cut off, the insulating layer and the sealing conditions determine the effect of heat preservation refrigerator, particularly influenced by the following factors:
??How many internal placing objects, geometric heat capacity of water large articles longer than not to put anything holding time, put more, heat preservation time is also more long; the lower the temperature is, the longer the time of heat preservation refrigerator.
??Open the door, the time and frequency effect, after the power is not open the door or shorten the open time and frequency is conducive to body heat preservation.
??In the car engine stops working, whether to cut off the car refrigerator power?
??•after parking, if the smoke outlet to have electricity, refrigerators will also continue to consume the car battery. In order to avoid and not start the car because the refrigerator power consumption too much lead to car battery low, WAECO compressor refrigerator we are equipped with the battery protection function ( ABS ), namely when the battery voltage is reduced to a preset value, the refrigerator will automatically shut down.
??Parking off key, whether can continue to use the refrigerator car?
??•domestic and Japanese car after the key is pulled out, the car cigarette plug to stop power supply, the refrigerator will stop running.
??•the system and system of many models after the key is pulled out, the radio, smoke insert can continue to supply, the refrigerator can continue to run.
??•customers according to their car, determine the key removed after the smoke outlet can continue to supply.
??If the power for the car battery, the refrigerator can run?
??The specific time depends on the following factors:
??1 refrigerator working environment temperature: the higher ambient temperature, the battery usage time is short;
??Species and number of items stored in the refrigerator more: 2 items, the refrigerator needs to consume more power to maintain the set temperature;
??The number of 3 switch door: door frequently, the refrigerator power consumption increases;
??4 car battery capacity and state of charge : the battery capacity is more big, the use of longer; electricity is sufficient, the use of the longer;
??5 refrigerator temperature setting: set the temperature is lower, the greater the power consumption;
??6 refrigerator battery protection setting grade: battery protection level is high, the use of time is short;
??40%/ •refrigerator shortest operation time of about = battery capacity of the average discharge current ( battery protection level is set to " HI " high 11.8V )
??70%/ •refrigerator the longest running time approximately = battery capacity of the average discharge current ( the current protection level is set to " Lo " low 10.1V )
??•average discharge current = power * average operation time / working voltage.
??Car refrigerator frost or ice too much, what is the reason?
??•environmental humidity is too high or the refrigerator items containing water;
??•switch door too many times;
??•the refrigerator door cover is not closed or seal of aging.
??Car refrigerator to defrost?
??•unplug the refrigerator power supply, open the cover.
??•remove the internal objects, when necessary, can be moved to the other in refrigerator.
??•let refrigerator natural cream, and then with a dry cloth to wipe it.
??•note: not available hard knock or shaving cream layer, also do not use hot air heating descaling box, will cause harm to the refrigerator.
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