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Ok, when are people gonna learn that if you race in town, in a busy area, where there is alot of traffic and traffic lights, there is a good chance you are gonna hit and probably kill someone!?!? Now am I myself little miss perfect? No, but when i want to have a little fun in my bird, I have enough common sence NOT to be a little crazy in a area where there is alot of traffic! AND I DON"T STREET RACE!!!!!! In Bristol Virginia there was an unfortunate accident caused by stupidity. A guy driving a 2002 Trans Am was racing a guy driving a red mustang (not 100% on the year) They both blew through a red light, the Trans Am t-boned a woman as he was running the redlight killing her insantly. We had another incident just a couple years back in Johnson City,TN. A guy driving a mustang was racing a dodge viper, the guy driving the viper saw a cop setting on the side of the road, he immediatly pulled over, the guy in the mustang kept going until he smacked into the back of a car setting at a red light, it burst into flames, he was going over 100mph. there was two girls in the car, both high school students. One of them had just been crowned homecoming queen at the high school I used to go to, she was killed insantly. Her friend survived, but now has to deal with the 3rd degree scars she has all over her body. Is the stupidity worth it? Both of these guys that each killed someone due to their stupididy was 19 at the time of the accidents. Some people use their age as an excuse. They say well they're just young, they didn't know any better, THAT IS BS!!!!!! You are considerd an adult at the age of 18, so at 19 you SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!!! At the age of 19 I was serving my country in the US ARMY, so don't tell me a 19 year old don't know better. And another thing, we have the Bristol dragstrip which come spring, will be starting the street fight again. $10 to race all you want, they don't put you in any kind of race class, so if you want to race your buddy you can. $10 dollars is sure alot cheaper than what these guys are gonna be paying for their stupidity. here is the link to the incident that just happened earlier this week.....very sad :( http://www2.t...n/41139/P100/