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It was an eMail from a friend that alerted me to this site.
Glad to be here.
As I work through the site to figure out all the nuances, I promise to add more albums and photos as well as some commentary.
My 1994 is the first Camaro I purchased new (but not my first new F-body). At my age, I can afford to do to the car what I wanted to do to the previous 4 F-body cars that I wish I still owned!
I have owned a Firebird 400 (1968), a 1971 Camaro that I acquired through marriage, an 1986 IROC Z, and now the 1994. My greatest wish is to get a 2009 all decked out-stock is good and continue to build up the 94!
My Doctor has advised me to sell my tools-the repetitive motions are killing me but "hell no, they won't go" until the Dr. sells his stethescope-that's what I told her.
It pleases me to see some other folks here that are of "senior" status and I look to bond with those more mature folks.
Stay tuned for more jibberjatter and images.
Best regards to all
Be well