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Apparently, my GTA has been getting much more attention than I realized. I'm on several forums, including American Muscle Registry ( ) and as any proud car owner, I've been posting pictures. I posted a thread about the repainting that was done and all the work I've done.

I logged into AMR this afternoon and went into the Car/Truck of the Month forum, which I rarely visit only because I never think my car is going to be nominated. Well, lo and behold, there she is. Someone had nominated Emma, MY GTA, for Car of the Month running!! Not only that, but it had been nominated by someone with a 550+ hp Z06 that is THE sexiest car on the site. I sent him a message telling him thank you and he said he nominated it because of the love, time, work, and money that went into the car and that I deserved it.

Honestly, I never thought about it. I simply did what I wanted to get done with the car. I never thought she would garner that much attention. Thanks to everyone who's spent time looking at Emma! :)