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Well I should start off with lawnmower update. I now have two riding mowers, the murray i paid $20 and the John Deere RX73 lawnmower. I sold the John Deere LT155 recently and made some money.

Next, I went to a estate sale in my neighborhood and picked up 3 license plates. I got a matched pair of yellow on blue NY license plates as well as a blue on yellow NY trailer plate. These will have pictures to follow in the next few days. Also, kidcope1969 was nice enough to help expand my collection with an older california plate and a newer one as well. I am also expecting a Texas one from him as well. Thank you very much to him.

I have built a model, just haven't got around to putting it up here.

I got my own laptop from my mom and a desktop computer from the side of the road.

I've been super busy but of course always have time for my wonderful girlfriend. It will be 19 months on july 17th and i couldnt be happier. We went to prom and had a great time.

I have really started to enjoy garage sales more than I used to, now I've actually been making great deals with people. Thundercat will love that I paid 10 cents for a mercury cougar emblem, new in box. I will post pictures of most new things that people will enjoy. Now that I have my own computers I will try my best to be more active on this site with more blog posts, pictures etc. Thanks for reading