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I'm inching closer to getting the Maxima back on the road. My goal for it at the moment is of course to get it running, but I'm going to replace several things so hopefully it will stay running.

I have a new thermostat for it which I am currently putting in. I just bought a bunch of used stuff.

Water pump (has a TON of miles on it 220,000 actually). It was only $22 so I said what the hell I'll replace the seals before installing it.

A high-flow catalytic converter, it's used as well. Supposedly the brand I bought (honestly I can't remember the name) gives some small gains, I doubt I will feel any difference but I bought it cause it bolts directly up and it was $48.

A barely used idler/tensioner pulley. It was $13 and this thing is VERY easy to replace so I figured wtf why not. I have to take it off to get to the water pump anyway for $13 I put a barely used one on.

Used motor mounts, with Energy Suspension urethane bushings. These were $84, still a good deal, I believe the bushings themselves are $84 and these are already pressed in just have to install the mounts. I'm pretty anxious to get these in will keep my wheel hopping under control and should drive nicer as well.

It came to $167 but all of that is a pretty sweet deal I feel and I'm excited to get this stuff on.

For reinsurance purposes I will be getting a few extra little things. A new timing tensioner. You have to remove this puppy to do the water pump, mine has 195K on it and this part is a long-term wear/tear item so I'll put a new one in.

I'm looking to get a new Koyo radiator, reduces temps, and also just a piece of mind who knows when the radiator could crap out.

New gaskets for my ypipe, cat, and exhaust. I feel I have an exhaust leak somewhere, probably from crappy Autozone gaskets. I will be getting some quality OEM gaskets.

I should also look into a new starter since it's pretty easy to replace. I am going to hold out on an alternator just because it is a PITA to install.

But after all said and done the car should be running FANTASTIC and I am quite anxious to get my POS back on the road. I did a quick local search at junkyards and found one right by the house that has a 98 OEM front bumper cover for pretty cheap. I have to get rid of this big POS ebay bumper and get a quality OEM.