Filed under: 2005 Volkswagen Jetta GLI (Fahrvergnügen)

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The rear breaks on my Jetta needed to be changed so I went shopping around and picked up some Wagner pads and some house brand rotors from Car Quest. It took some work but I got it done. The problem is that when I took my wheels off. I realized that there was a problem with my car. The wheels have an unusual wear pattern on the inner tread. I just had my car checked this morning and found out that my rear axle is bent. $400-500 in spacers could fix the problem, but I'm going to try a different route suggested by the mechanic. So I will call a shop tomorrow about bringing my Jetta in to be put on the frame rack to correct the bend in the rear axle. That should save me around $250-350 and should correct the problem. Well wish me luck. Never had to deal with this before.