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As you may well know already, I bought this from an Auto Broker in Avon, Mass. Needless to say, I could not physically SEE the vehicle, but, bought it anyway. I did not feel *ripped off* actually FAR from it, but the minor damage was not worthy of what this vehicle IS. OH..what this vehicle IS, is a 2002 Dale Earnhardt signature series Monte Carlo SS, "The Intimidator"

When I got it, it had what was considered *hail damage* on the hood and trunk lid, the front and rear bumpers had been hit, but the damage was not noticeable. The vehicle did NOT come with a COA either, and, the *Intimidator* floor mats were missing. I looked ALL over for floor mats, and finally located some in Canada.
With that said and done, I went to Chevrolet for the sequence number, and it turned out to be #1591 of 3,333 made. That's two of three things I finally got done. The last thing was to get that car to looking NEW.

I got an estimate from Carney's Point Collision. The owner then told me that the bumpers had been damaged, and warranted repair. The other obvious damage was assessed, and we agreed to a price.

When all was said and done, my Monte Carlo got just about everything done short of a FULL paint job. The hail damage was fixed, minor dents in the fenders were fixed, (OH, the hood was beyond hope, so, I did get a *NEW* hood). The bumpers were removed, and properly fixed. The "ground effects were removed, and repainted. Also, the red striping was replaced. The entire body was color sanded and polished. The interior was *detailed*. The windows were tinted 20%, that's ALL the windows, except the windshield. The NASCAR Eagle 1 tires were re-done as well. I had used a red paint stick, and the body shop used a oil based paint.

When all was said and done, it looks like NEW. I honestly think Dale would be pleased.

I plan to take it to RCRacing in Welcome, North Carolina, and ASK RIchard Childress & "Chocolate" Meyers to sign the car.

The trip to North Carolina is planned for sometime this spring.