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This "High Sport" 2002 Monte Carlo SS, is the much sought after "Intimidator" model. I bought it July 1, 2010.
It has two-tone gray and pewter seats, the "RCR" logo, Dale Earnhardt's signature, along with the "High Sport" creature comforts
The "Intimidator" has 83,121 miles, the V-6 Series II is JUST getting *broke in*

THIS "Intimidator" is and will be a tribute to Dale Sr.

January 1 2013

I had a slight altercation with a Ford Mustang and totaled this Monte, that's one reason I've not been here. I walked away from the accident, unhurt, but the Monte was trashed. It has since gone to another home with the hopes of rebuilding it. Meanwhile, I managed to locate a 2004 Intimidator, and am in the process of starting over.