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I can't believe that summer is over and we're thinking about the work we will do in the garage while the winter winds blow! It seems like just yesterday we were heading down to Charlotte for the spring AutoFair or over to Valdosta for the Mopar show or to one of the Carlisle events.

It was a great summer. The Golden Girl was in her very first car show, the Chrysler Product Owners Club show in Leesburg, VA. We got our very own dash plaque and a window card with our name and info on it. She looked so awesome sitting there with her fellow Mopars. Wow! Considering last year at this time she still had the old 318, we've definitely come a long way.

For the winter we will replace the stock rear with an 8 3/4 (that we bought at Chryslers at Carlisle show) using axles that we bought at the Mopar Nats in Ohio. Hubby wants a posi-trac though so we still have to get that.

The stock a/c components are all there but the a/c doesn't work so that will need to be fixed. The factory radio is intact but doesn't work either. Neither one of those are important issues though.

The final expense will be the paint job. I'm going to stay with the factory gold with a flat black hood and a flat black tail stripe. Since we don't do any car stuff on credit, it will be some time before we have enough cash saved up to get the paint done. We're thinking maybe we'll at least do the hood decal. It's not too expensive and I can certainly drive her the way she is now.

Hope everyone had a great summer car show, racing and cruising year! I've enjoyed seeing your photo albums and your progress reports. Guess it's time to get out your jackets and start planning your winter project.