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As most of you know I traded my dad's Ford F-150 for the Tahoe I now have. I was given a choice I could have an SUV or a truck. I told the dealership I got the Tahoe from was I want a Tahoe in white. Okay, well the Tahoe isn't white, but I do get a lot of comments on it (most of them are "your husband has a nice truck", grrrrrr!). Nothing wrong with the Tahoe but I have been in love with the HD Diesel since I drove the one we had and I delivered FEMA trailers. Well, since we sold that one I have wanted another one. Problem is I didn't want the payment that goes along with it. The previous owner of the Tahoe is the owner of the car lot I got it from. Ran into him one evening and I was sick of hearing "Oh, I want my truck back." I laid it on the line. You find me a 2001 Chevy HD Diesel in white, crew cab, shortbed, and no redneck hillbilly yellow lights on top. We will trade it even. I kind of knew that deal would be a no go. He has looked and found nothing. My neighbor is a wholesaler and goes to all kinds of car auctions. I was talking to him this past saturday. He was ooohing and ahhhing over it. So, I told him what I really wanted. He said "thats it?" He sees them almost every week. He tells me they can buy the diesel I want and sale my Tahoe on the lot, if he doesn't buy it personally so it would be an even trade. He has contacts from all over. So I am left wondering is my HD Diesel in the near future? I can only hope so.