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Sorry had to bring this up. It is funny that things seem be so diffrent now when it comes to how people act! I have had my car up for sale the last couple of weeks and have had some people interested in the car but also have some scammers that really try my patience. One gentelman even claimed he is was in the Marines and said he was looking for a car for his son. He did not have a checkikng account. That was a red flag right there!

My Son is in the Marines and has no issue with his funds but what gets me the most is to use our Miitary to scam people.

FYI I know lot of folks here have giving me some great advice. Here is mine.. Never deal with anyone who will not see the car themselves. Two no need your Paypal email address. If you ever have that is is a SCAM. No moneygram or Western Union or asking for your account information. If Cashier check place hold on any title transfer until it is cleared. If someone is really interested in your car they will have no problem with this.

Anyway that is my vent for the week thanks for everyone hearing me out!!