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Lot's of progress on the 'bird since last posted.

Front end is on and lines look great. I installed a MagnaFlow 3" stainless X pipe exhaust and had it powder coated. Looks and sounds fantastic. I will have to remove the X pipe section and run straight tubing down along the sides of the drive shaft for clearence. The X pipe sits just under the drive shaft and is too low.

All glass/molding is in. Went with OEM factory tint and it looks great.

I took it down to the interior shop to have that finished. That's next door to where the motor and chassis was built. I will fix the exhaust there, adjust the 4 link, pinion angle, level out the suspension, etc.

I will have to downsize the jets in the center carb. The heads flow way too much for the standard jets that are installed. Way too rich.

Hang the grill, bumper, and headlights... LOOK OUT, the BRDOFYR (that's my plate) will be looking for highway!

Hope to make a show or two this summer!