Filed under: 1987 Toyota Supra (D4 LeMon)

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Despite not having the keys we were able to get the car started today, unlike our previous attempt earlier in the week after we installed the new battery. Having gutted the steering column down and removed the electrical switch from behind the ignition cylinder, we were surprised when nothing happened earlier in the week when we tried to start it. This is because we were so focused on the ignition switch to remember that the clutch needs to be pressed down in order for the engine to start, since there is a small switch in the linkage. So it was a good day today, but since we are still waiting on the locksmith to make a key from the hatch lock we cannot drive the car because the steering wheel is still locked. So hopefully by Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) we can have the car off the trailer and see how it drives; if the tires will hold air. So everyone's excited about the project and look forward to tearing into the engine to replace the head gaskets and see what else we find. But yes it does run and sounds great (at least to the guys that have been tearing it apart the last week) it just smokes a bit which was to be expected since the previous owner told us that it had a bad head gasket.