Filed under: 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Silver Thunder)

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I had yesterday off and it was such nice weather both yesterday and today, that I decided to go ahead an get some more work done on my car. It's getting very close to driving down the road again.

Yesterday I changed the old oil that had been sitting in there for a couple years now and put in fresh oil and a new filter. I also installed one of two O2 sensors (the one that I didn't need the special socket to remove/install), and then started taking my engine back apart. Yes, you read right...just days after I got it back together after a year and a half, I started taking it back apart. The goal was to retape some of those wire looms that had the factory tape falling off and just plain looking like crap.

Today I finished that up, installed my new brake accumulator (so I can stop!), cleaned my air filter and did a general detail of the engine. It had a couple years of dirt and dust build up on it that I wanted to get off. I also swapped a couple pullies (which was a real pain) and had to fix a section of wiring that has become brittle over the years.

The final result is as you see in the picture. It's back together (although I didn't start it tonight as I want to go ahead and bleed the brakes before I pressurize the accumulator. Attached is also the album so you can see before and after shots of the engine as it was reassembled. Enjoy.