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After all kinds of hard work, and my Dad's endless help, he called me a couple of days ago to tell me that she's alive again. YESSSS!! The new 3.1 is in and running. Right now it's idling kinda rough, but we found it was due to a leak in the intake. I'd messed up a bit and forgot to clean the fuel injector ports before installing the new injectors and it created an air leak. I'd also screwed up the timing but we found out before there was any damage, but it stalled us quite a bit. There are still many bugs to work out before it's road-worthy but it's a big step.

Now the rust-less body has 254,000 miles and the new engine has a mere 72,000. I gotta give it to that old 2.8 though. It fought quite valiantly till the end. The interesting thing was that it never truly "died". Death would usually mean that the a motor would completely stop running, or it would seize or it would refuse to turn over or start up. This thing would actually run and propel the car and it did so until the absolute very end when we just decided after hearing all those horrible sounds it was making, that it was just that time to give it the Old Yeller treatment. 23 years of faithful service certainly took it's toll on that old motor, and it was just that time.