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Hello Everyone from Dan & The Green Machine :)

It's photo contest time on Motortopia! If you haven't been to take a peek at the 145 entrants in the photo contest, let me encourage you to take a few moments and check 'em out...some very cool pics of some very cool cars and the captioning on some is likewise very cool!

I've enjoyed shooting photos of The Green Machine in different settings and posting them here as albums on my Motortopia site...many of you have viewed and commented on them and I want to thank you for all the positive and kind remarks.

We'd love to have the winning photo and Motortopia's 8X10" Plaque with the Green Machine emblazoned on it hanging on my office give 'em a look and if you decide to cast your vote for Dan & The Green Machine, know that we will be greatly honored that you chose our photo over all the rest!

The photo above is the one I submitted...It doesn't have the captioning here that's on the contest photo so I hope you will go check it out and let me know what you think...

And please feel free to peruse all of our albums and post your comments and ratings...we'd love to hear from you!

All the best,
Dan & The Green Machine

P.S. And thanx Motortopia for a very cool website and a fun contest!