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This blog is also featured on Autolog....but I thought I would share it here as well!

Every now and then i get on a kick, where i just let things fly, whatever im thinking about. lately, ive realized through different people and there cars, that our vehicles reflect who we are. as car enthusiasts, this is what we do....for some of us this is our life, for others a weekend hobby, and other like rolling around in a cool ride. we take pride in our rides, spent countless hours maintaining them, washing them, giving them more tlc than anything else. i get the most pride out of going to a show, and standing back and looking at my ride, basically a reflection of me on display. it shows my personality and says who i am. i enjoy seeing other peoples pride and joys, and speaking with other people who feel the same way about their cars. all my hard work goes into this. for some of you, your pride is when youre speeding down a street racing, for others, when youre climbing rocks and getting dirty....either way its who you are. our rides are there for us, can take you away from anything in life you dont want to deal with. i remember countless days just rolling down the interstate with no destination in mind, forgetting whats on my mind, enjoying my ride. I remember days of friends wanting to cruise with me because i had the cool ride that the boys liked. tragically, i remember a day where all my hard work went down the drain in a matter of seconds, where my pride and joy was in shambles in the roadway, never to be a show winner again, but it had kept me safe. thats when you realize, these cars are more than material, they have personality, names, ANYTHING....we love them and get attached to them. whether your ride is a magazine feature, a daily driver, or takes the kids to soccer practice....take a second and appreciate it....its a part of you and your life. embrace other people and there differences, this is all just a reflection of who we are, and what we do.